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Splitter Box 3 Isolated

   This is what you need to split a guitar, a bass or a synth to 3 different destinations without any hum or noise caused by a ground loop. The 3 outputs are buffered and isolated. Output 1 shares the same ground as the input, and outputs 2 and 3 are transformer isolated, magic, no hum and great sound !

   This pedal is handmade with amphenol or neutrik connectors and only the highest quality electronic parts for good durability, sound quality, and we are against planned obsolescence.

   Typical wiring scheme :

- Dimensions : 11,3 x 6,7 x 3,7 cm
- Weight : 0,230 Kg
- Power adapter (Not included) : 9-15 VDC (negative center, 5,5/2,1mm) - 50mA minimum (can be anything more, i.e. 100mA, 1000A, 1A etc.)

Price : 95,00 € excl. vat
114,00 € incl. vat
(VAT applicable for EU countries)

Shipping →
France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg : 20€ (excl. vat)
Europe, USA, Mediterranean Basin : 36€
World : 69€
(Contact us for Mondial Relay
or any other shipping option)


Ordering :