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   Two ADSR envelope generators and VCAs.

   The envelope generator provides an envelope going from 0 to 10 volts, with a low and acurate offset. The times go from 1ms to 1s, the "long" mode switch multiplies the times by a factor of 10, extending the times to 10s. A manual trig button is included, as well as an invert envelope mode (from 10V ro 0V).

   The VCAs have a very nice sounding harmonic distortion. The louder the sound, the stronger the distortion, it's a euphonic curve making pleasant transients and a fat sound.

   The envelope of the corresponding envelope generator goes automatically into the "CV1" input unless something is plugged in it. A "mute" switch is included in each VCA. VCA n°2 can be put out of phase to try different textures of sounds when the "Sum" output is used.

    More detailed information on : ModularGrid

- Width : 21HP
- Power consumption :
     +12V > 44mA
     -12V > 43mA

Price : 290,00 € excl. vat
348,00 € incl. vat
(VAT applicable for EU countries)

Shipping →
France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg : 20€ (excl. vat)
Europe, USA, Mediterranean Basin : 36€
World : 69€
(Contact us for Mondial Relay
or any other shipping option)


Ordering :