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Heaven 16 Sequencer (Black Edition)

    Heaven 16 is a versatile fully analog sequencer.

    "2x8" mode = Dual sequencer (up to 8 steps).
    "1x16" mode = Single sequencer (up to 16 steps), each line can be looped up to 8 times before switching to the other.

    3 voltage ranges ( 1 octave, 2 octaves or infinite ).

    2 trigger buses for each sequencer.

    Internal, external or manual clocks.

    Reset, Pause and Transpose functions.

    Check out all Heaven 16's skills in this Youtube presentation video.

    More detailed information on : ModularGrid

- Width : 27HP
- Power consumption :
     +12V > 35mA
     -12V > 25mA

Price : 425,83 € excl. vat
511 € incl. vat
(VAT applicable for EU countries)

Shipping →
France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg : 20€ (excl. vat)
Europe, USA, Mediterranean Basin : 36€
World : 69€
(Contact us for Mondial Relay
or any other shipping option)


Ordering :